Monday, July 27, 2020

#MondayMotivation | Can't Be Me By Russ

Can't Be Me by Russ

Nah, it can’t be me
Bein’ one of those ones (Nah)
Who doesn’t get shit done (Uh)
Wonder why they never won (Hm)
Nah, it can’t be me (Hm)
Lettin’ time go to waste (Nah), sittin’ around all day (Uh)
Never makin’ shit shake (Nah)
Nah, it can’t be me

You may have heard about Russ as a hip-hop artist, but he is also a successful entrepreneur with a startup formed around himself.

Russ got his start like many startups...applying talent, doing the work, finding users, engaging, delighting them with content and leveraging technology to grow.

Sports and entertainment is full of traditional gatekeepers.

In music, labels have traditionally been the only way to succeed from getting on the radio to distribution.

He showed it was possible to be independent and successful, doing everything himself.

From posting free content on Soundcloud to dropping one song albums every week, he got people to try the product, bloggers to post about it, driving his own attention through word of mouth and then eventually pay for it through platforms and tours as his audience scaled.

Starting to sound familiar to many of the most successful startup stories?

It's why we're excited to feature Russ as our first Monday Motivation.

Check out Russ on all his platforms.

Note: special thanks to Ben Horowitz from a16z for inspiring this series and Steve Stoute for sharing the story about Russ. More on that coming soon...

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